Thursday, 5 June 2008

Matt Fraction (writer of the new ongoing ‘Iron Man’ series and ‘Casanova’) recently picked Strange Days as one of his must reads this summer. You can read the full article [here]

Matt Fraction: "Strange Days" by Peter Milligan, Brendan McCarthy, and Brett Ewins. Three issues like three atom bombs. Post-RAW, pre-Acid House, and ten thousand years ahead of anything else ever. Certainly the Tigris and Euphrates of Vertigo and everything after -- unapologetic psychedelic sci-fi and an absolutely fearless, contextless anthology. Warren Ellis told me the other day that "there's a whole alternate history of comics in "STRANGE DAYS," and he's right. "STRANGE DAYS" is the kind of comic book Casanova Quinn would read, and it's the kind of comic I want to make.


Mark said...

Word to your mother, Matt.

Alexei Luthor said...

My ALL TIME FAVE COMIC EVER!!!! Still to this day my fave, esp PARADAX, the coolest EVER EVER.

I just recently got a fresh mint copy of Paradax 1-2 from to replace my beat up copies, they still sell them....


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