Saturday, 9 August 2008
Brendan: I've been commissioned by Marvel Comics to write and draw a new Dr Strange and Spider-Man three issue mini series. I'm just getting into it and I expect it to be finished early next year. It's quite a thrill to finally get to draw the Doctor, my favourite Marvel character - and Spidey too.

To harmonise myself with the sublime 'Ditko Dimension', I have been digitally remixing some of his original 60's pages, trying to get a feel for them from another 'fresh' visual angle... And in doing so, realizing just what a total genius he is.

And if anyone hasn't purchased the new Blake Bell Fantagraphics Ditko book - I strongly recommend it.


Moored said...

This, I cannot wait for.

paulhd said...

Brilliant news!

Franco Stagni said...

This has left a Dr-Strange-and Spiderman-comic-by-Brendan-McCarthy shaped hole in my head.

Anonymous said...


Howard Hallis here from the other side of the pond.

Let me know if I can be of any assistance in this project!

Ppowkihpsie said...

This is a dream come true.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what happened with my last comment there!

But yeah, total dream come true.SOLO is one of the best comics published in the last 5 years so any comic stuff is exciting and for it to be DR STRANGE..I cant wait!!

Chris Weston said...

I've long held this theory that Brendan McCarthy actually exists in some alternate universe where he's rightfully recognised as the comic-strip industry's most prolific and successful creator.

Over here, in our deprived dimension, we can only dream of seeing his best-selling books, like Z-Men, Sorrow, The Weirlock, Captain Cracking and Abel Solvix amongst others.

Occasionally, thanks to a tear in the time-space continuum, we do get glimpses of his work... like Paradax and Mirkin , which actually ran to 108 issues over at Earth-Mc2.

With news of a Dr. Strange, Spider-Man mini-series it seems as if the wall between our universes has been torn asunder, and we are now about to experience a veritable tsunami of McCarthy!


Frank Santoro said...

The re-mixed colors look really nice. Dissonance.

Filipe said...

never thought to see the day McCarthy would have its take on Dr. Strange! Nice :))))

delboydare said...

Wow. Great news. No. REALLY Great news.

Can't wait. Dream job.

I'm sure you'll turn it into one hell of a head trip :)

I can just taste it NOW. Wow my colour buds are tingling.

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