Sunday, 11 January 2009
JohnMK: Happy New Year McCarthy Punters! 2009 is a landmark year for the site as it enters ten years of bringing you the wonderful strangeness that only Brendan can create! Speaking of which...

The Lost Doom Patrol
Brendan: "I found this DOOM PATROL script the other day that I had doodled all over, from Grant Morrison... It was an episode that Grant wrote for me to draw back in 1991/92 or thereabouts: I asked for an old style DC 'imaginary story' with Danny The Street as the central character. But by the time the script turned up, I had to do a film so I couldn't draw it and I think eventually, we all sorta forgot about it... It would be fun to draw it up after all these years and release it as a VERTIGO ANOMALY one shot."

Spider-Man/Dr Strange update
Brendan: "My Spider-Man/Dr Strange story is now at the half way point. It's a three issue mini-series that will appear under the Marvel Knights banner, probably in the early summer. It's been great fun drawing and writing the series, and Marvel seem to love what I'm creating so far. I'm coloring the book with SteveCOok, who designed the SWIMINI PURPOSE book for me a few years ago.

Although I can't show any of the art yet, I have been messing about with some classic Ditko images from that superb story he created with Stan, for the second Spider-Man annual in 1965. TWIIIP!"

And finally an 'Artoon of the Day'
Brendan: "Can there be artistic lineages? If there is, mine's a Ditko!"


Kirk Ultra said...

Oh you've got to draw that comic, the coolness of it would shatter an incalculable number of minds.

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