Saturday, 12 March 2011
Brendan: Weird Spider-Man pastels... 'Lemon Dream Exit' and "Spidey-God' were two pictures I generated whilst doing the FEVER books for Marvel. Sometimes, after days spent drawing small B&W panels in a comic strip, I want to loosen up and be more expressive in colour and a bigger size. I never plan these type of pictures -- for me the fun is seeing what randomly comes through the 'automatic artistic ether'.

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Brendan McCarthy is one of Britain's most talented comic book creators and designers. His unique and distinctive style has influenced a generation of artists and writers. He has produced some classic UK graphic novels, written and designed some ground-breaking TV series and worked on many successful Hollywood movies

The Strangeness of Brendan McCarthy site was created in 1999 by John Kirkham and aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the work of Brendan McCarthy. This website is the official fansite and is put together with the cooperation of Brendan. So we will be bringing you the latest news, exclusive artwork and all things McCarthy related


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