Saturday, 7 May 2011
Brendan: INSPEKTA CATHEDRAL is a new story I'm working on... I've got quite a few of them stockpiled, but the problem is, where to publish them? Most indy companies don't have any money -- or want to keep lots or all the rights if they have... So the deals available have really gone downhill since the days when I was more active in the industry.

Also a new Strangeness Facebook page if you want to do the whole 'like' thing (link)


Emperor said...

The Judge Dredd Megazine has a creator-owned slot - Tank Girl previously occupied it, Simon Spurrier and PJ Holden's Numbercruncher is currently running in it and Andy Diggle and Jock are making a return to the House of Tharg there at some point this year. Might be worth speaking to Ol' Green Bonce about it.

Stephen said...

I'd still definitely talk with Image if you haven't already. Something tells me that they'd be the last to turn down a Brendan McCarthy pitch.

Mercurialblonde said...

Why not do a publish on demand set-up? Or do a limited print run and sell them yourself?

Strictly Kev said...

Make specials available via Blurb or something? Issuu is a decent digital publishing site

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