Saturday, 22 October 2011
Brendan: The art dealer Albert Moy has asked me for any more artwork I may have... I spend a day recently unpacking storage boxes and found some really old gems I had forgotten about. 

I came across a Paradax! and Zenith picture done around the time I was designing Zenith for 2000AD. It was pretty smudged as I had done it in pastels. I cleaned it up and then fixed it. Not the greatest drawing, but still, a collectable curio.

There's a nice A3 Paradax! drawing too.

Also, there 's a coupla sketches I did for Arkham Asylum when, for a brief moment, I was the artist on the project... It got put back and I was doing a movie or something and wasn't available. Anyway, Dave McKean did a far better job that I could have.

Even found an unpublished drawing from the 'Sometime Stories' era and some Freakwave scribbles. And some blue line color pages from Strange Days 2.

It'll all be up for sale from Albert ( in about a week I'd say.


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