Saturday, 25 December 2010
Happy Christmas Day one and all. Take a break from immobilising yourself with mince pies and chocolate...

Brendan: "Pitched this one to one publisher a while back. Sadly, this bird didn't fly with them... I thought this was one they'd go for. It was meant to just be a little book, like those illustrated books by Tim Burton or Dr Suess, text and pictures. Something along the lines of the Gaiman/McKean kids' books. This was my "Emily The Strange" outsider-goth-girl piece, a little urban fable: She lives in the rafters of her Dad's house, in the attic, and falls in love with Faraway Boy, who lives in the next door house. The two of them elope at night onto the roofs... The designs are based on those little bald, baby birds that fall from nests, that you see on the pavements in spring."


Brendan McCarthy is one of Britain's most talented comic book creators and designers. His unique and distinctive style has influenced a generation of artists and writers. He has produced some classic UK graphic novels, written and designed some ground-breaking TV series and worked on many successful Hollywood movies

The Strangeness of Brendan McCarthy site was created in 1999 by John Kirkham and aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the work of Brendan McCarthy. This website is the official fansite and is put together with the cooperation of Brendan. So we will be bringing you the latest news, exclusive artwork and all things McCarthy related


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