Saturday, 18 December 2010
Brendan: "I just came across this rejected DC Comics pitch artwork for a LORD OF NOTHING series from a year or so ago. It didn't fly, for whatever reason... but I had some good ideas for a LON comic.

His character was a bit mysterious, kind of like a 'Sandman' of Trash and Garbage and of the Discarded and Unwanted. I was going to use a lot of litter picked up from the street to create a graphic 'trash' look, as suggested in the story that appeared in SOLO 12. I'd use a lot of big graffiti lettering, as well as sprays and stencils to get a unique look to the comic. Print it on rough paper.

I thought he might possibly hang out with the Kubert version of Ragman."


The Beast Must Die said...

What insane bastard rejects these pitches???

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