Monday, 14 May 2012
Fellow McCarthy adherent. David Rees recently commissioned Brendan to draw the characters from Strange Days (guest appearance from Skin's Martin Atchet). This is the glorious result. Unbelievably this is Brendan's fist ever piece of commissioned artwork.

 click here for a hi-res version (Warning! Large file)


David Rees said...

Thanks for posting that, John! I do know just how lucky I am to have persuaded Brendan to do a commission and to revisit the Strange Days cast... I would have been happy with any one of these classic characters and although I hinted at an ensemble piece, I was floored by where Brendan took this. He admitted to getting a bit carried away and it shows - it certainly looks like he enjoyed doing it, anyway. If you look closely you can make out the newspaper headline "Moby Train Sighted" - a reference to an episode of the Milligan & McCarthy Electrick Hoax strip that appeared in Sounds back in 1978. A lovely touch.

This piece, plus a few McCarthy Dredd pages I have are in an online gallery here:

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