Tuesday, 15 May 2012
2000AD prog 1783 goes on sale tomorrow, featuring the penultimate episode of The Zaucer of Zilk. Below you'll find some of Brendan's early Zaucer sketches/ideas and if you stroll over to the Forbidden Planet Blog (link) you'll find a directory's commentary of the first episode by Brendan and Al Ewing


David Rees said...

Interesting to see The Zaucer has two pupils in his left eye in some of those sketches... I wonder why that was dropped? The rate of posts is staggering since you got back, John - pace yourself!

John M. Kirkham said...

Actually, Dave I am pacing myself.

Loads and loads of goodies to post. A rare Paradax story from the 'Strip Aids' charity comics. A Mick Jagger Artoon. Unseen SOLO work. More REBOOT stuff. Photos... plus whatever Brendan sends me in the coming weeks.

Site traffic isn't back to what it use to be. Hopefully all this activity will get the punters back.

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