Wednesday, 23 May 2012
The final part of Zaucer of Zilk (episode ten) goes on sale today (2000AD prog 1784)


David Rees said...

The Zaucer delivered exactly what I'd hoped; great storytelling with sublime artwork. I know it split the readership somewhat, but I guess this is to be expected from something that offers up something completely new. I think I'd have been disappointed if Zaucer had been something that tried to please everyone, and this has definitely got Modern Classic written all over it. Now it's all over *sniff* I look forward to settling in a comfy chair and reading it in a single sitting.

John Kirkham said...

I've only read the first episode, plan to read the whole series in one go (I've sort of read the second one but it didn't have the text added at the time). So I've only read the reviews of part one. This comment sums the spilt up to me:

"My problem with these zany type stories is that they can't help but have a fluffy feel. To me, no matter how well drawn, they are full of whimsy and lack substance. Their illogical nonsense approach isn't my cup of tea. I realise others might like this, but for me I want my fiction more solid and less dream-like"

I've read variations of this comment made about all of Brendan's work. Because it's not deadly serious to the point of grim and set in a logical 'real' world then it's nonsense. These arguments are also levelled at Grant Morrison all the time, I read an article where he accused the average comic reader of been unable to gasp a basic metaphor and unless something was literal it was nonsense. Hence the 'lack substance' comment in the above review.

I'm going to read the whole of 'Zaucer' over the weekend. Then read the rest of the reviews later

John M. Kirkham said...

Read Zaucer in it's entirety over the weekend, then the reviews on the 2000AD forum.

The spilt seems to be more one-sided, as most people said they loved it. The other side simply said it wasn't their cup of tea, and there was no animosity at all which was a pleasant surprise

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