Monday, 14 May 2012
Brendan:  Tried this one out with Jason Aaron on script. He liked it and christened it “Wolverine’s Venom!

A faulty, old prototype adamantium skeleton/sentient nervous system is stolen from a Black Ops lab and rolled up into a suitcase and forgotten about. The skeleton is inadvertently re-activated by an old hobo and it has one mission only: To find a compatible body… Logan’s.

I was trying to get a ‘Swamp Thing made out of garbage’ look to the beast. I wasn’t stuck on the “Wolvernator” title, it was just a name that expressed the core idea of a relentless machine hunting for a particular person. The adamantium structures were dysfunctional, so instead of weaponised blades, ‘horns’ erupted from the creature’s head and body – hence the name PANDROID.

Anyway, this series pitch didn’t make it. File under Comics Curios.


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