Friday, 11 May 2012
Due to some health problems I received as a Xmas present the Blog has been a bit quiet the last few months, actually it’s been cold dead. Thankfully I haven’t shared the Blog’s fate, I’m still not 100% fit but with the abundance of Brendan’s work appearing at the moment I needed to get up off the floor and start posting again.

You probably already know but Brendan currently has an all new series “The Zaucer Of Zilk” appearing in 2000AD. I read the first couple of episodes before Christmas and can’t wait to read the story in its entirety. Brendan informs me the final episode was completed last week and if things go well a sequel may appear. Below you’ll find some promos, hopefully there’ll be more Zilk artwork appearing on the Blog soon...

In other news: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ finally begins filming next month in Africa. If you don’t know, Brendan spent a couple of years co-writing and designing the movie with original Mad Max director/screenwriter, George Miller. Fury Road has had a long and troubled production, shooting was scheduled to begin several times since 2003 but abandoned due to everything from the Iraq war to flowers blooming early. Brendan’s been promising to show me the designs for over a decade now, so now finally we can all get to see them. One those lovely hardback ‘The Art of…’ books would be perfect.

Some of the Mad Max vehicle designs have leaked out online. The main one being ‘The Gigahorse’. Neither the design or the concept drawing below are by Brendan and were done after he moved on from the project but they are in the style of his production artwork...

Finally some exquisite ink featuring everyone’s favourite beer drinking slob of a superhero...

I know things have been quiet lately but from this point on I’m determined to see the site grow and expand, definitely not fade away. So spread the word that the Strangeness of Brendan McCarthy is back... again


David Rees said...

Good to see you back, John! I've missed your updates, but it's good to see a flurry of activity now you're back in the hotseat.

John M. Kirkham said...

Thanks Dave

The flurriness will continue for the next week or so. There's six month worth of material sitting on my hard drive.

Speaking of which... I've been trying to find the commissioned artwork you sent me. Any chance you could send a hi-res scan, bigger than the ones floating around on the internet.

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